One on one with…Craig Day


Working within the Colonial First State (CFS) FirstTech team since it was established in 1999, executive manager Craig Day believes he’s seen it all. He tells Krystine Lumanta why he likens SMSFs to Shakespeare.. Read More

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1UP: The new life of estate planning


While the incoming superannuation legislation does not directly alter the rules of estate planning, the $1.6 million transfer balance cap will have a significant impact on trustees’ succession objectives. Kryst.. Read More

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Last Word

Julie Dolan summarises the workings of the transitional CGT relief provisions


The capital gains tax (CGT) relief transitional provisions are now law and the timeline to apply these provisions is running out fast. The ATO has issued a finalised Law Companion Guide LCG 2016/8 on the application .. Read More

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From the editor

From the editor: Now to deal with flow-on effects


The further we move away from 1 July into the brave new world of the most recent post-super reforms, the more we are seeing the flow-on effects from the system changes be they intentional or unintentional. It mea.. Read More

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