2017 SMSF Roundtable: Thrashing out the super reform riddles


On 9 May, Treasurer Scott Morrison delivered his second federal budget, which contained two new measures impacting on superannuation – the ability for Australians over the age of 65 to contribute $300,000 into .. Read More

Pimco: Making for a stronger defence


SMSF Service Provider Awards: Fixed income SMSFs hold more than a quarter of their assets in cash and term deposits, according to the latest Australian Taxation Office statistics. But as interest rates have falle.. Read More

Perpetual: Solid history reaps rewards


SMSF Service Provider Awards: Australian share fund A long track record and proven experience can be a considerable advantage when it comes to managing money. The winner in the Australian share fund category of t.. Read More

Recognition of SMSF excellence


SMSF Service Provider Awards This year saw the introduction of a series of SMSF awards to recognise the top service providers in the sector. Krystine Lumanta and Zoe Fielding report on the winners in each categor.. Read More

Finally death and taxes aren’t both certainties


New government legislation has resolved the uncertainty surrounding the treatment of pensions in the event of death. David Shirlow takes a look at the resulting positive tax implications. Recently the federal gov.. Read More

Advice Roundtable: Creating Clarity


Providing SMSF advice can be complex, with several different professions offering services in the sector. Darin Tyson-Chan hosted a roundtable discussion to determine the most appropriate adviser to use in certain ci.. Read More

Into the unknown


The accounting industry is preparing to move into broader SMSF advice and services under the new licensing regime, but Krystine Lumanta discovers the unknowns around the added financial burden to practices remain a m.. Read More

A new avenue to managed funds


The ASX is in the process of building a new access channel for managed funds. Karin Derkley examines the anticipated difference the Aqua II model will make for SMSF investors. The Australian Securities Exchange (.. Read More

Admin zero - How low can you go?


The pressures of information delivery, accessibility and efficiency are being equally felt in the administration and audit sectors servicing SMSFs. While there are some expectations for price cuts this year, Krystine.. Read More

Video: TBAR and ATO requirements

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Video: Fractional property investment

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