NAB: Where the action is


SMSF Service Provider Awards: SMSF property loans Borrowing for property investment is a small but fast-growing feature of the SMSF marketplace. While still a relatively niche product, growing numbers of financia.. Read More

Time waits for no one: The Dawn of the TBAR


The events-based reporting framework is an additional administrative process for the SMSF sector, but a necessary one. Krystine Lumanta examines how the new regime could underpin the inevitable move to real-time repo.. Read More

The new critical commodity


Quality data on a client’s financial situation has never been more important as advisers seek to increase efficiency and revenue and decrease costs. However, Malavika Santhebennur reports data-feed provider.. Read More

In sharp focus


Asset valuations present a potential pitfall for both practitioners and trustees, with the process now falling under the new superannuation regime, writes Krystine Lumanta. Asset valuations will undergo close scr.. Read More

SMSF Awards 2017: Infrastructure winner


Infrastructure assets provide essential services that serve communities around the world. Within a portfolio, infrastructure offers the potential for lower volatility than traditional equities, stable cash flow, infl.. Read More

SMSF Awards 2017: Innovator winner


OneVue has experienced an increase in demand for innovative solutions from both advisers and accountants as they have been placed under extra pressure due to regulatory changes. The recent superannuation changes,.. Read More

SMSF Awards 2017: Trust deed supplier winner


There has been very strong adviser demand for trust deed upgrades for NowInfinity’s clients this year as the passing of the recent super reforms has been a significant event leading to many changes to the SMSF .. Read More

SMSF Awards 2017: Listed investment company winner


Argo Investments managing director Jason Beddow says it is his fund’s “pretty simple story” that is a winner with advisers and their SMSF clients. “We’re an internally managed LIC (l.. Read More

SMSF Awards 2017: ETF provider winner


The hallmarks of Vanguard’s exchanged-traded funds (ETF) are broad diversification across respective asset classes, transparency and low cost. According to Vanguard Australia head of product Evan Reedman, f.. Read More

SMSF Awars 2017: Audit function provider winner


Evolv realised early on that if it wanted to be successful in the SMSF auditing space, it needed to build a scalable business. “We pioneered building both an automated software platform and a resourcing mod.. Read More

SMSF Awars 2017: SMSF accounting software/ administration winner


A key part of Class’s strategy has been to develop tools and features that ensure its customers can respond effectively to change. This year, the super reforms have been a strong focus, as well as new tools for.. Read More