Time waits for no one: The Dawn of the TBAR


The events-based reporting framework is an additional administrative process for the SMSF sector, but a necessary one. Krystine Lumanta examines how the new regime could underpin the inevitable move to real-time repo.. Read More

Pursuing a more efficient frontier


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The new tax agenda


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Going mainstream: The Arrival of P2P Lending


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SMSF Service Providers Awards 2015 - Leaders of the pack


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SMSF Roundtable 2015: Projecting the critical sector issues


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Bonding with the corporate sector


Much of the discussion on fixed income investments centres on sovereign bonds, but, as Elizabeth Moran writes, corporate bonds warrant serious consideration. The ATO tells us SMSF investors hold around 30 per cen.. Read More

SMSF investors: ahead of the game


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In the line of fire


Treasury’s white paper on the reform of Australia’s tax system is expected to be extensive, which has the industry bracing for changes that could potentially flip the super system upside down. Krystine Lu.. Read More

Playing with super: The housing affordability debate


Housing affordability is an escalating struggle for Australians, but using superannuation money for a home deposit is not part of the retirement savings system’s game plan. Krystine Lumanta investigates what&rs.. Read More

SMSF Service Provider Awards 2014 - CommSec: Australian shares


Knowing your customers and having the ability to anticipate their needs within the market can be a considerable advantage when it comes to retaining clients and gaining market share. The winner of the Australian .. Read More