2017 SMSF Roundtable: Thrashing out the super reform riddles


On 9 May, Treasurer Scott Morrison delivered his second federal budget, which contained two new measures impacting on superannuation – the ability for Australians over the age of 65 to contribute $300,000 into .. Read More

SMSF Service Provider Awards 2014 - Class Super: SMSF accounting software/administration


One of our focuses this year was improving the level of visibility that the adviser and trustee have. Other areas we’re expanding into are things like property valuations, which we’ve made easier to do, a.. Read More

A showcase of SMSF leaders


The second year of accolades for the best-of-the-best service providers to SMSFs has once again revealed the frontrunners in the industry. Krystine Lumanta and Elizabeth Somerville report on the winners as nominated .. Read More

SMSF Roundtable 2014: The major issues in our sights


Over the past year, several significant issues in the SMSF sector have come to light, with some of them continuing to generate debate. With this in mind, selfmanagedsuper hosted a roundtable to find out what some of .. Read More

Change of heart: zero interest loans


Recent rulings from the ATO have created confusing and conflicting positions on zero interest loans for SMSFs, marking a potential end of the arrangements as an effective strategy for acquiring assets under related-p.. Read More

Contribution gaps - a new hope


Changes in the regulation and treatment of cap breaches have presented a potential opportunity for trustees to get more money into their SMSFs. Zoe Fielding reports. The favourable tax treatment of superannuation.. Read More

SMSF Service Provider Awards 2014 - BT Wrap: Investment platforms


As well as new product offerings, we also continue to focus on and improve the functionality and services that are important to advisers and their clients, like an efficient year end – across BT Wrap and Asgard.. Read More

Regulation overkill


This month, ASIC’s SMSF taskforce is expected to issue a class order and regulatory guidance on new SMSF disclosure requirements. But after a period of consultation, the industry believes a more considered appr.. Read More

Storm in a teacup


The threat of unlicensed property marketers has some industry experts calling for a legislative update to better protect this area. But while the hysteria around property spruiking persists, the number of actual case.. Read More

Superstream: The SMSF implications


The new SuperStream requirements present a significant change to how SMSFs operate. Zoe Fielding takes a look at the effect they will have along with some other significant legislative changes trustees will have to a.. Read More

All in the family


Including one’s children in an SMSF can be a very effective plan on many fronts. Darin Tyson-Chan examines the reasons to consider this strategy, but also the pitfalls that can be involved. SMSFs are often .. Read More

Video: TBAR and ATO requirements

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