2017 SMSF Roundtable: Thrashing out the super reform riddles


On 9 May, Treasurer Scott Morrison delivered his second federal budget, which contained two new measures impacting on superannuation – the ability for Australians over the age of 65 to contribute $300,000 into .. Read More

In the line of fire


Treasury’s white paper on the reform of Australia’s tax system is expected to be extensive, which has the industry bracing for changes that could potentially flip the super system upside down. Krystine Lu.. Read More

Playing with super: The housing affordability debate


Housing affordability is an escalating struggle for Australians, but using superannuation money for a home deposit is not part of the retirement savings system’s game plan. Krystine Lumanta investigates what&rs.. Read More

SMSF Service Provider Awards 2014 - CommSec: Australian shares


Knowing your customers and having the ability to anticipate their needs within the market can be a considerable advantage when it comes to retaining clients and gaining market share. The winner of the Australian .. Read More

SMSF Service Provider Awards 2014 - Apex of Administration


The 2014 SMSF awards co-hosted by CoreData and selfmanagedsuper saw Cavendish Superannuation emerge as the best administration provider for advisers. The need to stay relevant pushed the team at Cavendish Superan.. Read More

Wholesale Investing: Look before you leap


The Australian Securities and Investments Commission’s change of heart to allow SMSF members to qualify as wholesale investors comes with both opportunities and dangers. Krystine Lumanta examines the implicatio.. Read More

The Borrowing Ban


The Financial System Inquiry has drawn attention to the issue of borrowing within super funds, highlighting it as a potential area of risk. However, with only a small proportion of total SMSFs using limited recourse .. Read More

SMSF Service Provider Awards 2014 - Magellan: International shares


Definitely [over the past 12 months] the exposure in the portfolio has been tilted towards large multinational technology companies, including eBay, Google, Oracle and Microsoft. Transparency and a long-term focu.. Read More

SMSF Service Provider Awards 2014 - TAL: Insurance


Demand for insurance has taken a hit this year, but despite the challenge, TAL has been recognised as the winner in the insurance category for the second year in a row. TAL Life retail distribution general manage.. Read More

SMSF Service Provider Awards 2014 - Westpac: Residential property loans


Improving the knowledge and understanding of SMSF lending has been fundamental to Westpac’s strategy over the past 12 months, particularly the suitability and processes for limited recourse borrowing arrangemen.. Read More

SMSF Service Provider Awards 2014 - FIIG Securities: Fixed income


FIIG Securities knows where its strengths lie, having worked in the fixed income space since the company’s inception in 1998, and it’s this knowledge that is the cornerstone of its success. “Whe.. Read More

Video: TBAR and ATO requirements

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