2017 SMSF Roundtable: Thrashing out the super reform riddles


On 9 May, Treasurer Scott Morrison delivered his second federal budget, which contained two new measures impacting on superannuation – the ability for Australians over the age of 65 to contribute $300,000 into .. Read More

Automated advice feasibility


Robo-advice is currently a hot topic in financial services, but how does this extend to SMSFs? Daniel Paperny explores the growing appetite for automated advice among SMSF trustees and why it is regarded as an increa.. Read More

Pass the parcel – super as an intergenerational wealth tool


While the industry consults on the objective of superannuation, the Treasurer has flagged its function as an estate planning tool as troubling. Krystine Lumanta investigates whether the industry regards super’s.. Read More

Breaking free - stopping super from being a fiscal lever


For as long as it’s been around, superannuation has been viewed as a golden fiscal nest egg and targeted by governments past and present. With super’s objective on the verge of being enshrined in law, thi.. Read More

Pursuing a more efficient frontier


Constant pressure on the bottom line and a desire to do more with less have resulted in a number of SMSF businesses investigating offshoring opportunities as a viable way to cut costs, improve efficiency and increase.. Read More

The new tax agenda


The industry is bracing itself for what could be the most significant tax reforms to superannuation since super was made compulsory 24 years ago. Krystine Lumanta examines what could be the biggest game changers in t.. Read More

Going mainstream: The Arrival of P2P Lending


The concept of online peer-to-peer lending platforms has caught the attention of SMSFs as the newest way to boost investment return and retirement income. As more operators emerge in Australia, Krystine Lumanta disco.. Read More

SMSF Service Providers Awards 2015 - Leaders of the pack


The third annual SMSF Service Provider Awards have again recognised the most innovative, trusted and cutting-edge providers in the industry. Krystine Lumanta and Elizabeth Somerville uncover what makes these names st.. Read More

SMSF Roundtable 2015: Projecting the critical sector issues


In the past few months, several issues concerning the SMSF sector have arisen, including a new licensee, a well-received budget and an impending tax white paper. Selfmanagedsuper invited a group of SMSF professionals.. Read More

Bonding with the corporate sector


Much of the discussion on fixed income investments centres on sovereign bonds, but, as Elizabeth Moran writes, corporate bonds warrant serious consideration. The ATO tells us SMSF investors hold around 30 per cen.. Read More

SMSF investors: ahead of the game


SMSF investors are driving the agenda when it comes to investment behaviour as they hunt for growth assets to boost their portfolios. Elizabeth Somerville examines where this group is finding opportunities, the facto.. Read More

Video: TBAR and ATO requirements

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