One on one with…John Maroney


New SMSF Association chief executive John Maroney has renewed his involvement in the superannuation industry, having previously played a part at its inception. He shares with Darin Tyson-Chan his thoughts on how the .. Read More

SMSF Service Provider Awards 2014 - Macquarie: Cash and term deposits


Our solutions have evolved and been enhanced to integrate with our intermediary clients’ businesses, helping them to improve efficiency and to better service their clients. With its first cash hub opening i.. Read More

One on one with…Scott Girdlestone


Scott Girdlestone became involved in superannuation when he joined accounting firm William Buck. He tells Darin Tyson-Chan he’d like to see adviser education standards raised and is worried about the sector bei.. Read More

One on one with…Olivia Long


Xpress Super chief executive Olivia Long says she fell into the sector over 10 years ago. She speaks to Darin Tyson-Chan about the competitive nature of fund administration and how low-cost providers are the cause of.. Read More

One on one with...Philip La Greca


Having to analyse the individual elements of superannuation structures drew Multiport head of technical services Philip La Greca into the SMSF sector. Here he discusses with Darin Tyson-Chan how some unintended conse.. Read More

One on one with…Ravi Subramaniam


Australian Superannuation and Compliance managing director Ravi Subramaniam averted his focus from general financial planning to SMSF administration to make his business more secure. He discusses with Darin Tyson-Cha.. Read More

One on one with…Leigh Mansell


Heffron SMSF Solutions technical services manager Leigh Mansell regards winning the SPAA Educator Excellence Award as a huge achievement for her organisation as well as herself. She tells Darin Tyson-Chan how many pr.. Read More

One on one with…Craig Banning


Navwealth director Craig Banning entered the SMSF sector over a decade ago because he spotted it as a growth opportunity. He talks to Darin Tyson-Chan about the importance of being a specialist and how technology wil.. Read More

One on one with…Andrew Hamilton


Andrew Hamilton’s time as SMSF Professionals’ Association of Australia (SPAA) chair has just come to an end. Here he takes the opportunity to reflect on his experiences of the past two years with Darin Ty.. Read More

One on one with…Vicki Stylianou


How did you come by your introduction to the SMSF sector? When I came back to Australia in 2002, after working overseas, I found my self immersed in the superannuation industry. My involvement with SMSFs was an.. Read More

One on one with…Paul Sarkis


Heffron SMSF Solutions technical sales director Paul Sarkis has been involved in the sector since the turn of the century from what was supposed to be a three-year assignment. He tells Darin Tyson-Chan how institutio.. Read More

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