One on one with…John Maroney


New SMSF Association chief executive John Maroney has renewed his involvement in the superannuation industry, having previously played a part at its inception. He shares with Darin Tyson-Chan his thoughts on how the .. Read More

One on one with…Julie Hartley


The fact superannuation law is so different to other areas of the legal profession is what drives Towsends Business and Corporate Lawyers solicitor Julie Hartley’s passion for the SMSF sector. She shares with D.. Read More

One on one with…Andrew Chan


Phoenix Private Wealth Management director Andrew Chan was drawn to the SMSF sector by its diversity and technical nature. He discusses with Darin Tyson-Chan the importance of having sound technical knowledge and how.. Read More

One on one with…Dean Hutchins


Diversified Financial Planners SMSF strategist Dean Hutchins was an early recipient of a specialist accreditation. He discusses with Darin Tyson-Chan how important it was to be recognised by his peers and the effect .. Read More

One on one with…Jemma Sanderson


Joining Cooper Partners in 2008, director Jemma Sanderson heads up the SMSF specialist services for the firm, where she provides strategic advice for SMSFs. She tells Krystine Lumanta what she thinks of the federal b.. Read More

One on one with…Natasha Fenech


Working across the spectrum of financial services for over 25 years has culminated in the role of SuperConcepts chief executive for Natasha Fenech. She tells Krystine Lumanta how she thinks SMSF administration and so.. Read More

One on one with…Andrew Gale


At the 2016 SMSF Association National Conference, Andrew Gale was appointed as the organisation’s new chair. Gale explains to Darin Tyson-Chan the importance of initiating better dialogue on issues such as post.. Read More

One on one with…Kath Bowler


Licensing for Accountants founder Kath Bowler has been involved with the regulations governing the provision of SMSF advice by that particular profession from its origins. She shares with Darin Tyson-Chan her concern.. Read More

One on one with…Greg Einfeld


Lime Actuarial founder and managing director Greg Einfeld established his organisation to improve service levels in the SMSF sector. He shares with Elise Whittaker how important integration arrangements with other pr.. Read More

One on one with…Kim O’Brien


After 20 years in the industry, BDO private clients partner Kim O’Brien continues to be captivated by superannuation and its challenges. She tells Krystine Lumanta about the issues she’s seeing around ove.. Read More

One on one with…Kevin Bungard


Class Super chief executive Kevin Bungard is driven by innovation. And while the SMSF administration industry has experienced numerous developments in recent years, he tells Darin Tyson-Chan there is still a lot more.. Read More

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