One on one with…Sarah Robinson


Addept director Sarah Robinson has escalated her SMSF involvement since her introduction to the sector 22 years ago. She shares with Darin Tyson-Chan the importance her firm has placed on obtaining an Australian fina.. Read More

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A new gateway to active funds management


SMSF investors have always favoured direct investing, making allocations to managed funds unattractive for many. However, in the current low interest rate environment, new avenues to markets are being sought. Daniel .. Read More

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Last Word

Julie Dolan analyses the government's proposed transfer balance cap


One of the proposed measures of the federal budget handed down by the coalition government in May was the introduction of a $1.6 million superannuation transfer balance cap on the total amount of super an individual .. Read More

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From the editor

From the editor: Now to deal with flow-on effects


The further we move away from 1 July into the brave new world of the most recent post-super reforms, the more we are seeing the flow-on effects from the system changes be they intentional or unintentional. It mea.. Read More

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