No major issues with SMSFs and reserves

15-Mar-2018|By Malavika Santhebennur

The ATO SMSF Regulator’s Bulletin (SMSFRB) on the use of reserves by SMSFs is not an indication that systemic issues have been identified, nor is it in response to a spike in the use of reserves by SMSFs, according to the tax office. Ou.. Read More

Unforeseen repercussions from Labor policy


Removing dividend imputation credit refunds could result in unintended consequences, including driving a bias to certain asset classes or distorting the system in other ways, according to several industry bodies. .. Read More

ETFs have moved beyond the cheap and simple


Exchange-traded funds (ETF): they’re just cheap, simple index trackers that give you exposure to a region, country or theme, aren’t they? Yes, they can be, and the most popular ones nearly always are.. Read More

Superfunded ordered to wind up


The Federal Court has ordered Perth-based property scheme Superfunded be wound up after an Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC) investigation found it encouraged or promoted the illegal early relea.. Read More

Macquarie platforms add Cooper Investors funds


Global equities fund manager Cooper Investors has broadened its push into the retail investor market with the inclusion of its two funds on Macquarie platforms. Investors will now be able to access both the hedge.. Read More

Global Merces unveils media ventures fund


Investment manager Global Merces has launched a fund with the purpose of providing venture capital for media-related assets, with a focus on intellectual property relating to creation, distribution and monetisation. .. Read More

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